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Free CDL Manuals

Most states have their CDL manuals available for free on-line. Some web sites attempt to sell these manuals or their own version of your states CDL Manual. Please obtain an official copy of your states CDL Manual to use along with our practice exams. There are no "SECRETS" to passing your CDL exams. There is a certain amount of information that all Commercial Drivers should know in order to keep our highways safe. The average person can learn this information within a few days and successfully pass their CDL written tests.

Most downloadable CDL Manuals are delivered in Adobe .pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files. You can obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here: Adobe Reader

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We're so confident CDL Examprep will help you obtain your CDL permit that if it doesn't we'll refund your costs in full no questions asked. See support page for details.